english courses lyon

English courses lyon
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english courses lyon

English courses in Lyon / Angelio Academia

For productive English learning, book quality English courses at Angelio Academia in Lyon. Courses are offered online or in Paris.

  • cours ludique

    Philosophy of playful and motivating lessons very far from the academic methods way too theoretical.

  • la garantie

    Guarantee of an average number of students per class.

  • nos formateurs

    Native teachers with a real passion for their own culture.

  • temps de parole

    Maximum speaking time for each student in every class.

  • nos tarifs

    Lowest prices to offer an exceptional quality/price ratio.

Master your English level with English courses in Lyon

There are many reasons why you might want to take English courses in Lyon. In everyday life, the lack of knowledge of the language is often a handicap and prevents progress. Whether you are a beginner or you just want to improve your English level, English courses for adults at Angelio Academia in Lyon are for you.

Have a successful life thanks to English courses in Lyon

English is a universal language, it is spoken in almost every country in the world. English lessons in Lyon are first of all important for personal enrichment. The English language is in fact, present everywhere. Choosing English as a second language offers interesting opportunities.

English courses in Angelio Academia in Lyon are for individuals and professionals. They give the opportunity to boost your career and progress it quickly.

The ability to speak English is also a particular advantage for those who love traveling. Nearly 379 million people all over the planet speak English. By choosing English courses in Lyon, you will become one of them. No matter where you will be able to speak the international language. Thanks to English courses in Lyon, you no longer have to worry about asking questions while making a transfer at the airport, looking for your hotel in a foreign city, or ordering in a restaurant.

The English language is also essential in mass media. On television, a large number of programs are in English with subtitles. English courses in Lyon offer you a great opportunity to finally listen to the original voices of great American actors and understand them. On the Internet, almost all applications are offered in English.

Angelio Academia in Lyon: the perfect place to learn English

If you are looking for a place to take English courses in Lyon, Angelio Academia is there for you. Go directly to our office and register for English courses in Lyon. Courses are available, whether for face-to-face sessions or for online classes. For face-to-face lessons, all health measures are undertaken within the school. You can benefit from our best-discounted rates and get access to our English courses in Lyon.

English courses in Lyon also offer plenty of other benefits. The quality and efficiency of our courses have been proven by feedbacks from our students. Angelio Academia has also been awarded by the magazine “Challenges” several times. The quality of our courses is certified by AFNOR. Note that English courses in Lyon give access to a Schengen visa. Before registration, candidates have to test their level on our site. .

Besides English courses in Lyon, 6 other languages are offered at Angelio Academia. If you plan to learn French, German, Russian, ​Italian​, Portuguese or Spanish​, welcome to Angelio Academia in Lyon. For those who prefer to take English lessons face-to-face, we have a spacious 300 m2 office. We are settled in the 9th district in the heart of Paris. Also, the number of students in a class is reduced to 8 people.

English courses in Lyon are unique. Audio tools, as well as modern equipment, are provided for students during English courses in Lyon. English courses in Lyon are based on fun and practical techniques. Debates and different games are organized to facilitate the learning of English during lessons. Students can participate in workshops including trips or film sessions with our English courses in Lyon.

Did you know?

ANGELIO ACADEMIA is since May 2020, one of the first OF in France to benefit from the QUALIOPI certification delivered by AFNOR. Do you want to be sure to enrol in a quality school? Make sure it benefits from this official and compulsory certification.


You would like to learn a language for a specific objective…
OR offer your child the opportunity to learn a language through immersion in a specific theme?


You would like to learn a language for a specific objective…
OR offer your child the opportunity to learn a language through immersion in a specific theme ?


Adults : Learning to flirt on online dating sites
Adults : Get a higher level of English to pass the TOEIC test
Children : English classes based on Grimm’s fairy tales
Children : English classes about football

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