English courses

English courses

English courses

English courses : follow Angelio Academia English courses and boost your career.

Make progress in English thanks to our native and dynamic teachers at Angelio Academia.

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    Philosophy of playful and motivating lessons very far from the academic methods way too theoretical.

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What are the origins of the English language?


The evolution of the English language is basically divided into three main parts: Old English, Middle English and Modern English.

Although not all linguists necessarily agree on this division, we can still notice that the English language has gone through distinctive changes during the three steps of its evolution.

Firstly, Old English or Anglo-Saxon was a language essentially germanic. It had been imported during the 5th century after J-C by tribes coming from Germany, immigrating to the British islands. Modern English still counts today several rare short words from this period.

Secondly, “Middle English” brought huge changes to the old Anglo-Saxon linguistic rules. It happened especially under the influence of the Vikings’ invasion but also of Latin, the official language of the Church at this time.

Lastly, Modern English which appeared in the 16th century still continues to evolve until now and Shakespeare’s famous poetry was already part of this period. Its main characteristic lies in an “important vocalic change”.


Why take English lessons?


There are multiple reasons to take English lessons! English is actually the most widely taught of all foreign languages

* English is today the official language of many countries. It’s also widely used in the corporate world and numerous cultural fields. It’s the language of the industries of Hollywood, international finance and trade, as well as tourism.
English is undoubtedly the common international language, so it’s a must to take courses and master it.
* English is the mother tongue of a large majority of the inhabitants of the United States but also of the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc.
* On the Internet, more than 80% of existing data and scientific publications are in English
* English is also one of the official languages ​​of the United Nations and the official language of Sea and Sky communications.

* More generally speaking, it’s the preferred language to communicate in the professional world in most industries.  Enroll in Angelio Academia English courses and boost your career! The prevalence of the English language in the world makes learning it necessary for any person wishing to build any type of career.
Taking English lessons will help you grow and have a more comfortable personal life.

* Widely present as much in movies as in television, in the music industry, or on the internet, the English language marks its prevalence in the cultural sector. Getting started with English at Angelio Academia and progressing in its practice will open doors to thousands of movies, series, all types of writings, music, and multiples cultures.

* English is an essential language in the education field. Children are actually educated in English in several countries, for example in underdeveloped or developing countries where education benefits from international aid.

* Studying English is also an excellent training for the brain.
The brain works like a muscle : the less you train, the less powerful and functional it is. It is strongly recommended that you learn a language every 10 years to keep your brain in good shape, you might as well choose English!

Our language center in Paris offers you:

  • Onsite group English lessons
  • Onsite individual English lessons
  • Virtual group English lessons
  • Virtual individual English lessons

Angelio Academia offers you qualitative English courses at an attractive price. Come and join our small group classes or go for our individual lessons !


Some figures:


  • English is the third most widely spoken language in the world, just behind Mandarin and Spanish.
  • Around 1.5 billion people speak English worldwide (2015 figures)
  • In 2015, out of a total of 195 countries in the world, the English language was the official first language of 67 nations and the second official language of 27 countries
  • Only 39% of French people are able to hold a conversation in English (versus 86% in Denmark, 90% in the Netherlands and 96% in Sweden)
  • At Angelio Academia, we teach English to 400 students each year.

Did you know

Angelio Academia is, since May 2020, one of the first language schools in France to benefit from the QUALIOPI certification, delivered by AFNOR. Make sure you enroll for quality courses in an institute which has obtained this official and compulsory certification.


You would like to learn a language for a specific objective…
OR offer your child the opportunity to learn a language through immersion in a specific theme?


You would like to learn a language for a specific objective…
OR offer your child the opportunity to learn a language through immersion in a specific theme ?


Adults : Learning to flirt on online dating sites
Adults : Get a higher level of English to pass the TOEIC test
Children : English classes based on Grimm’s fairy tales
Children : English classes about football
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