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French courses (FLE) in Paris: attend Angelio Academia French courses to communicate easily.

Make progress in French thanks to our native and dynamic teachers at Angelio Academia.

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    Philosophy of playful and motivating lessons very far from the academic methods way too theoretical.

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    Guarantee of an average number of students per class.

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    Native teachers with a real passion for their own culture.

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    Maximum speaking time for each student in every class.

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    Lowest prices to offer an exceptional quality/price ratio.

What are the origins of the French language?

French is a Romance language spoken in more than 60 countries, mostly located in Africa, as a legacy of the ex-French colonial empire.
Originally a royal language, it then spread in France, Europe and the world.

With its colonization and expansion strategy, the French language became the lingua franca in Europe but also in North America and Africa from the 17th century onwards.

According to Hagège, famous linguist, the French language went through 3 major periods: the Middle-Age, then from Louis XIV to the French Revolution, and finally from Napoleon III until the beginning of the 1st World War.

In 1635, the prestigious Académie Française was founded by Richelieu.

The French language remains today an international reference in terms of culture.
Lots of texts from the French literature are astonishing, not to forget cinematographic works and songs. Let’s mention Molière, Victor Hugo, as well as famous philosophers such as Sartre or Descartes. Many French scientists have also engraved their names in history, through their discovery: Pasteur or Pierre and Marie Curie for example.

French is also the international language for cooking, fashion, theater, visual arts, dance and architecture. Mastering the French language means having access, in its original version, to all its wonderful diversity.

Why take French lessons (FLE) ?

  • Taking FLE (French as a Foreign Language) courses and speaking French is necessary to travel and communicate with the locals. It’s spoken in many countries in the world since the IOF (International Organisation of Francophonie) counts 70 states and government members
  • After English and German, French is the third most used language on the internet, even before Spanish. Understanding French allows you to have another perspective of the world by getting information from great international media in French (TV5, France 24, Radio France Internationale). Attending our French courses (FLE: Français Langue Étrangère) will help you achieve that goal.
  • French is the language used for international relations. Along with English, it’s one of the two languages officially used by the UNO, NATO, UNESCO, European Union, IOC, and other international institutions. Therefore, French is a language that is extremely important to master, as it turns out to be a real asset in the international employment market. Knowledge of French opens doors to French companies in France and abroad.
    Taking our French courses (FLE: Français Langue Étrangère) will allow you to rank among the best candidates.
  • Finally, the French language is also valued because it’s a beautiful and romantic language. Learning French is, first of all, about enjoying learning an amazing language, rich and melodious, often called the language of love.
  • Our FLE (French as a Foreign Language) teachers will accompany you throughout your learning experience, during exclusive and professional French lessons.

Angelio Academia, our Language School in Paris, invites you to join:

  • Onsite group French (FLE) lessons
  • Onsite individual French (FLE) lessons
  • Virtual group French (FLE) lessons
  • Virtual individual French (FLE) lessons

We will help you acquire all the basics, communicate and exchange thanks to our courses in small groups or individually.

Start French lessons (FLE: Français Langue Étrangère) in Paris or virtually now!

A few figures :

  • France is the most visited country in the world, with more than 70 million visitors per year.
  • More than 200 million people speak French on 5 continents.
  • French is the most widely learned foreign language (FLE) after English, and the ninth most spoken language in the world. It is also the only language, besides English, that can be learned in all countries of the world.
  • France has the largest network of cultural establishments abroad where French courses (FLE) are given to more than 750,000 people.
  • At Angelio Academia, we teach French (FLE) to 50 students each year

Did you know

Angelio Academia is, since May 2020, one of the first language schools in France to benefit from the QUALIOPI certification, delivered by AFNOR. Make sure you enroll for quality courses in an institute which has obtained this official and compulsory certification.


You would like to learn a language for a specific objective…
OR offer your child the opportunity to learn a language through immersion in a specific theme?


You would like to learn a language for a specific objective…
OR offer your child the opportunity to learn a language through immersion in a specific theme ?


Adults : Learning to flirt on online dating sites
Adults : Get a higher level of English to pass the TOEIC test
Children : English classes based on Grimm’s fairy tales
Children : English classes about football
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