German courses

German courses

German courses

German courses : take German courses at Angelio Academia.

Make progress in German thanks to our native and dynamic teachers at Angelio Academia.

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What are the origins of the German language?


German is an Indo-European language, largely inspired by the Germanic populations living in Northern Europe.

Pastor Martin Luther is one of the fathers of the German language. In 1534, he translated the Bible into German to make it gain more popularity among his people .

The domination of the Austro-Hungarian dynasty of the Habsbourg family in most parts of Europe allows the German language to become the official European business language, instead of English.

In 1996, the German spelling reform was officially issued by the governments of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein


Why take German lessons?


  • Many French companies work with Germany and other German-speaking countries such as Austria and Switzerland. Germany, being France’s main economic partner, speaking German is therefore a major asset on a professional level because the opportunities are numerous.
  • German has already become the mother tongue in Europe. In Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Liechtenstein, it became an official language. German is indeed evolving into a universal language.
  • In the tourism industry (hotels, travel agencies, etc.), it is important, if not essential, to speak German.
  • German is widely used in science, research and innovation. Studies have estimated that around 10% of books in the world are written in German.
  • Present on the web, Germany owns over 8 million Internet domains. The massive presence of German content on the web confirms, to a certain level, the power of this language.
  • German roots are similar to those in English and the phonetics is very simple. It’s written as it’s pronounced so you will not have any major difficulty in learning it.
  • The relevance of the German language in the world lies in the economic power of its countries of origin, on their political influence, their leadership in strategic technologies, the attractiveness of their educative system, and their part in the international tourism and exchange of information. In this context, mastering the German language is clearly a great added value.

Angelio Academia, Language School in the centre of Paris, offers its German courses with experienced and native teachers:

  •  Onsite group German lessons
  • Onsite individual German lessons
  • Virtual group German lessons
  • Virtual individual German lessons

Ready to join our German classes in small groups or individually?


Some figures:


  • About 17% of imported products come from Germany, which makes it France’s main economic partner, before China.
  • In France, there are around 2,500 German companies, in Germany, there are 2,200 French companies, which represents around 500,000 French employees. Those who master the German language often have key positions and tend to get promoted.
  • 7 million international overnight stays in 2018 (5% increase in tourist traffic, a record for the ninth consecutive year)
  • At Angelio Academia, we teach German to 200 students each year.

Did you know

Angelio Academia is, since May 2020, one of the first language schools in France to benefit from the QUALIOPI certification, delivered by AFNOR. Make sure you enroll for quality courses in an institute which has obtained this official and compulsory certification.


You would like to learn a language for a specific objective…
OR offer your child the opportunity to learn a language through immersion in a specific theme?


You would like to learn a language for a specific objective…
OR offer your child the opportunity to learn a language through immersion in a specific theme ?


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