Russian courses

Russian courses

Russian courses

Russian courses : enroll in one of our Angelio Academia Russian courses and discover this exceptional language.

Make progress in Russian thanks to our native and dynamic teachers at Angelio Academia.

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What are the origins of the Russian language?


The Russian language was invented at the end of the 10th century, following the Christianization of the Slavic population. At the same period, the missionaries introduced the written language named “old liturgical Slavic”. This ancestor of the Russian language was mastered by the Slavic people from the East.

Through centuries, the differences between the spoken language and the written one have been enhanced due to morphological changes.

Tsar Pierre I, great reformer in the scientific, technologic and cultural fields, engaged in a deep redesign of this Slavic language.
A new Russian language was born, it is the Russian as we know it from the 1820s.

Thanks to the immigration from many countries including North America, Germany and Israel have large Russian-speaking communities, Russian is therefore a widespread language.
In Israel, for example, 1 in 7 Israelis is from the former USSR and speaks Russian.


Why take Russian lessons?


  • The Russian cultural heritage is widely known around the world and and having knowledge of the Russian language is absolutely necessary to enjoy it to the fullest. The Russian culture is well-known, not only for its writers in classical literature (Tolstoy, Chekhov …) but also for its musicians and singers (Chaliapin, Tchaikovsky …) and famous Russian ballets.
  • Whether you are heading for a business trip or just visiting the country as a tourist, mastering the language may be an asset in your exploration and will allow you to discover the local lifestyle, habits, cuisine, and Russian mindset which are quite different from the western world.
  • Russian opens the doors to other Slavic languages (knowing a Slavic language makes it way easier to access the others). Russian is the most widely spread Slavic language.
  • Professionally speaking, the knowledge of the Russian language will always be considered as a major asset by your future employer during an interview. It will convey an inner curiosity that will make you stand out from all other candidates.
  • Also on a scientific level, Russian will always be the preferred language to communicate in the space conquest sector, since, in that field, their experience remains unmatched. Russian is, in fact, the first language to have ever been spoken in the space !

Angelio Academia, our Language Institute in the center of Paris, has Russian courses at your disposal :

  • Onsite group Russian lessons
  • Onsite individual Russian lessons
  • Virtual group Russian lessons
  • Virtual individual Russian lessons

Discover or improve Russian in our small groups or individual lessons!

Angelio Academia puts Russian at your fingertips!


A few figures :


  • Russia is the largest country in the world and Russian is the most widely spoken language among the Slavic languages, it is the fifth most widespread language in the world. Enroll in our Russian lessons and discover this Slavic culture.
  • In 2019, The percentage of tourists travelling to Russia increased by more than 20% (almost 33 million visitors), all trip goals combined but, of course, many for the World Cup. Learning Russian will be a major asset if you want to work in the tourism industry and fluency in Russian will be a definite plus in your CV.
  • French tourists rank 7th in the Top 10 countries visiting Russia, with 154 251 visitors in 2019. Learning Russian before a trip will allow you to understand the country much more in depth.
  • At Angelio Academia, we teach Russian to 150 students every year.

Did you know

Angelio Academia is, since May 2020, one of the first language schools in France to benefit from the QUALIOPI certification, delivered by AFNOR. Make sure you enroll for quality courses in an institute which has obtained this official and compulsory certification.


You would like to learn a language for a specific objective…
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You would like to learn a language for a specific objective…
OR offer your child the opportunity to learn a language through immersion in a specific theme ?


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