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To learn Professional English in the best possible conditions and in a niche of your choice, the better solution is to take professional English courses online. For this type of language, we decided to use the same ingredients that made our previous languages so successful

  • Philosophy of playful and motivating lessons very far from the academic methods way too theoretical.

  • Guarantee of an average number of students per class.

  • Native teachers with a real passion for their own culture.

  • Maximum speaking time for each student in every class.

  • Lowest prices to offer an exceptional quality/price ratio.


Improve your skills in Professional English online


Angelio Academia is a language school highly regarded for efficiency and the quality of its online professional English courses. These online professional English courses have been designed according to the needs of professionals who want to improve their English skills and who do not have the time to spend on face-to-face lessons. The online professional English courses offered by Angelio Academia aim to better meet individual needs. This online professional English course can be taken by a professional with any level of English, to learn it from the very beginning or to improve a particular aspect of the language. For example, you can work on your conversational skills in English or develop your knowledge of English grammar during professional English courses online.


The benefits of online professional English courses at Angelio Academia


The program of online Professional English courses has several advantages that may sound interesting to professionals who want to learn a language quickly. By taking professional English courses online, you will certainly find a program that is suitable for your profession. Online Professional English courses also give you access to courses adapted to your specific needs. In addition, as part of an online professional English course, the teacher will encourage you to determine specific learning objectives that you will be able to achieve even before your online professional English lessons reach their end. The progress of your online Professional English courses will be based on your individual pace. Angelio Academia’s online professional English courses are available to all professionals of all levels. You will improve your command of the language through exercises and homework during online Professional English courses. Finally, as part of an online English course, frequent assessments are planned to observe your progress.


Effective teaching methods in online Professional English lessons


For your online Professional English courses, the teacher chooses topics that will be interesting to you. The first online Professional English lesson is usually used to get to know you better and allow the teacher to target your interests. Depending on your preferences, the online Professional English course can be taught by Skype or over the phone. So you can take your online Professional English lessons from anywhere, from your own home or during your lunch hour at the office. You can change your courses’ schedule without extra charges, but with 48 hours notice. As part of the online professional English courses, you will have access to a study space allowing you to connect to the virtual classroom. This virtual classroom is a place for sharing information. It provides access to the history of notes exchanged between you and your teacher while online Professional English course. You can also discuss with your teacher about your willingness to do exercises outside of your English online classes hours in order to master your acquired skills during online Professional English courses. The teacher will send you your homework via this virtual classroom.

Did you know?

ANGELIO ACADEMIA is since May 2020, one of the first OF in France to benefit from the QUALIOPI certification delivered by AFNOR. Do you want to be sure to enrol in a quality school? Make sure it benefits from this official and compulsory certification.

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