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Spanish courses in Lyon / Angelio Academia

Present in Paris for more than 10 years, Angelio Academia is one of the best references when it comes to Spanish courses in Lyon.

  • cours ludique

    Philosophy of playful and motivating lessons very far from the academic methods way too theoretical.

  • la garantie

    Guarantee of an average number of students per class.

  • nos formateurs

    Native teachers with a real passion for their own culture.

  • temps de parole

    Maximum speaking time for each student in every class.

  • nos tarifs

    Lowest prices to offer an exceptional quality/price ratio.

Why enroll in Spanish courses in Lyon?

According to global data, around about 500 million people speak Spanish in the world. In all industries, a good command perfect knowledge of this language is an open-door to multiple opportunities. To enroll in Spanish courses, get in touch with Angelio Academia.

Adult Spanish courses in Lyon with Angelio Academia.

There is no age limit to learn Spanish. At Angelio Academia , we offer customized programs that are later applied during the Spanish lessons offered to adults in Lyon. Most of the lessons take place in an interactive way to better interest the participants.

You will benefit from the skills of well-trained and experienced teachers during the Spanish lessons provided to you. The teachers chose group learning to ensure that Spanish lessons progress rapidly. Furthermore, working in a group contributes to a fun learning environment. This way the lessons are more dynamic and easier to assimilate. In order for the Spanish lessons in Lyon to be more efficient, the groups are made of a small number of students. Private Spanish lessons in Lyon are also offered.

Angelio Academia offers Spanish classes in Lyon in its office located in the 9th district in the heart of Paris. Numerous rooms furnished with computer equipment are ready to be used for Spanish lessons in Lyon. If you are not decided yet to enroll in Spanish courses in Lyon, free lesson trials are offered.

Angelio Academia is an experienced language school. You will have the opportunity to learn several languages. In addition to the Spanish courses in Lyon, you can learn English, German, Russian, Italian, French, or even Portuguese.

Benefits of Spanish courses in Lyon

After Mandarin and English, Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Your Spanish lessons in Lyon are essential to evolve. Spanish is the official language in more than 25 nations.

Culturally speaking, enrolling in Spanish courses in Lyon is essential. Currently, a large number of literary work is written in Spanish. Having a good basic knowledge of Spanish thanks to Spanish lessons in Lyon is also required for cinephiles. Indeed, many movies from Spanish-speaking countries are successful. Spanish courses in Lyon are an opportunity to master this language.

On a professional level, opting for Spanish classes gives you an opportunity to stand out before recruiters. Writing down on your CV that you have taken Spanish lessons in Lyon from Angelio Academia increases your chances to get a job. You will then become an essential asset for the company when they will need someone who is able to communicate in Spanish. ​ For a student, Spanish courses in Lyon are an opportunity to seize learning opportunities abroad.

When it comes to tourism, Spanish courses in Lyon can open doors to beautiful trips abroad. Nothing better than the Spanish lessons in Lyon to learn this language very fast and discover all the wonders of Spain. It’s well-known that this country is filled with beaches and curiosities for tourists not to be missed.

You should also know that the Spanish language is the origin of a diversity of other Latin languages. Spanish courses in Lyon are ideal to fasten the learning of Italian or French. Furthermore, Spanish lessons in Lyon can even help you learn Japanese or Russian. Regardless of the chosen language, language courses are an effective way to better adapt and understand another foreign language.

Did you know?

Since May 2020 ANGELIO ACADEMIA is one of the first OF in France to receive ​the certification ​ QUALOPI by AFNOR. Do you want to be sure to enroll in a quality school? Therefore, make sure that it has that official and mandatory certification.

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