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Adults : Learning to flirt on online dating sites

ANGELIO ACADEMIA is also dedicated to supporting you in your personal life. Meetic, Adopteunmec… everybody knows these websites. But, are you aware that the better your English, the more chances you have of making beautiful acquaintances and even finding THE one…

Nowadays, 4 couples out of 10 meet online. 45% of men have already paid for a subscription on a dating site. 28% of the 18/25 years old have an active account on those sites. At the same time, 3.5 million visas are granted every year in France, and 90 000 of them are student visas.

Beyond our national territory, the world leader on online dating, Match Group, has about 10 million paying subscribers, 6 million of which are paying for a Tinder app. With our online language classes, you will multiply your chances to find the love of your life. 

What could be better than learning a new language? Learning a new language with your loved one!

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Thematic private lessons with Angelio Acedemia

I want:

● to sound natural and relaxed in English
● to master the special vocabulary of love…
● to know more synonyms of “beautiful/handsome” than my colleagues
● to be able to have a conversation with my chosen one in real life
● to produce 10 different compliments in 10 minutes
● to be able to flirt in English like a native in English language

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Adults : Learning to flirt on online dating sites
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