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Children : English classes about football

The motto of ANGELIO ACADEMIA has always been to use fun as the main motivation to learn a language. Our mission is to make sure you and your children have fun while learning.

This is how we have created an offer for English classes about sport and in particular about football. Football is the number 1 team sport for children. This sport is getting increasingly popular even among girls. This is due to the multiple victories of our national team which has won so far 2 world cups and 1 world vice-champion title in the last 5 championships.

Therefore we have decided to study this topic in the original language of this sport which is English. During these classes where grammar and vocabulary will be studied, we will talk about worldwide famous icons, big events, and key dates in the history of football. During the classes, your child will develop his/her English language skills while enriching his sport culture.

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I want my child:

● to enjoy learning English thanks to his/her love to football
● to enrich his/her knowledge about worldwide famous icons, big events, and key dates in the history of football.
● to know more vocabulary specific to sport
● to be ready for a football career abroad
● to speak the original language of football

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Children : English classes about football
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